Since 2016 has connected people with over 5,000 focus group and other studies being held by world-class research firms with focus group and product testing facilities nationwide, including:

  • Traditional or web-based focus groups (virtual, chat and bulletin board) that may use projective and dial testing techniques
  • Mock juries in either a courtroom or traditional focus group setting
  • Clinical trials to be conducted at-home or in a qualified medical facility
  • Executive in-depth interviews (phone, web or on-site)
  • Advanced in-house multivariate and statistical modeling (conjoint analysis, significance testing, etc.)

We maintain a participant database and newsletter for active respondents in various geographic regions. Since 2016 we have connected subscribers with over 5,000 verified, legitimate focus groups, telephone interviews, online bulletin boards, taste tests, playtests, mock juries and more, continuing our mission to help people from all walks of life participate in high-paying market research studies. Our promise to our subscribers is that we only connect respondents with research firms that are well-established, transparent about their studies/payments/policies, and have a clear track record of doing right by their clients and participants.

Please revisit the website frequently for updates and new company listings as we continue adding market research firms to the directory.